Capper’s Insurance Service came about through a simple notion from a great man, Arthur Capper. His motto, “My chief aim is to make a steadfast friend of every man, woman and child who subscribes for or advertises in my papers or transacts business of any nature with my office. The underlying principle that has built up the Capper’s business is to treat everybody square and not knowingly have one dissatisfied patron.” Still rings true today.

Since 1932 when Arthur Capper established a farm and family insurance business offering a personal accident policy for only $2.00 a year, covering farm related and travel accidents and then in 1948 when a policy covering the crippling and often fatal disease of Polio, Capper’s Insurance has been a part of the rural family life for over 81 years.

Today we still offer that same great hometown service with agents in Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska. Our agents live and work in your local communities, we don’t believe in the confines of an office. We come directly to your home where we feel you are the most comfortable and sit down to have a real conversation about your insurance needs. With a wide variety of insurance products like Medicare Supplements, Cancer, Heart, Accident, Disability, Life, competitive rate Annuities, Critical Illness and Long Term Care.

For more information, please call 1-800-678-7741.

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