Dean DeVore

District Manager, Manson IA

Dean has been with Capper’s Insurance Service for over 15 years. He started his career with us in 1999 and quickly became a star agent and was promoted to District Manager in 2002. Since then he’s won virtually every award offered by our company and the insurance underwriting companies with whom we work including trips to numerous foreign countries and resorts. Dean comes from an agricultural background; he has experience in public relations, farm fertilizer and chemical sales, excavating, and livestock feed sales as well as livestock hauling. Dean likes the rewards Capper’s Insurance offers for hard work and “being able to go to places I never dreamed I would be able to go.” Dean’s outstanding work ethic and superb customer service skills have allowed him to build a large client base in addition to the leads that Capper’s provides.

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Joe Bowman

Field Operations Manager, Marion KS

Joe has been a full-time sales professional in the insurance and rural publishing businesses since 1977. He joined Capper’s Insurance in 1981. In 1997 he became the Kansas State Manager for our firm and in January, 2013, he became the Sales Manager for the whole company. With almost 40 years’ experience, Joe has come to know many clients on a personal level. He says he deeply enjoys visiting clients in their homes and on their farms. The insurance business is based on relationships, and Joe says it’s the company of down-to-earth clients that he has always most enjoyed about our business. Using our publications as his foundation, Joe has been building those relationships for 37 years. He says the successful Capper’s agent, “has great people skills, is self-motivated and has an ambition to succeed. Our organization can provide you with the skills and training to become a Capper’s Insurance Service agent along with excellent earning potential. Our company can provide you with all the tools you will need to succeed.”

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Michael (Mike) Litke

District Manager, Wakefield KS

Mike has a degree from Kansas State University and has been with Capper’s Insurance Service since 2004. He had no previous sales experience before joining our team of agents. Mike used the resources Capper’s Insurance provided him to quickly build a client base and he was promoted to District Manager in 2006. Mike enjoys the freedom and flexibility that his job allows and he loves working outside, being able to meet clients in different parts of his territory every week. He says he scouts hunting and fishing spots while he explores his client territory. He attributes his success to hard work and the widely known Capper’s name as well as the office support staff and the great income potential and advancement Capper’s Insurance Service offers.

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Doug Nyman

Agent, Newton KS

Doug has been with Capper’s Insurance Service since 2012. With a background in sales he has quickly become one of our top agents. With dedication, drive and a strong work ethic, Doug is a prime example of a Capper’s success story. His background in insurance and finance has helped him establish a trusting clientele and his superb customer service keep his clients happy. He says that the freedom he enjoys and the experience of meeting such a wide variety of people have encouraged him to take full advantage of the great earnings and benefits the organization offers its agents.

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Ken Hanson

Agent, Emporia KS

Ken Hanson has been with Capper’s Insurance Service since May of 2016. He hails from Emporia Kansas and also has a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Emporia State University. Ken has solid experience in radio and health sales, he has been the radio voice of many local high school sports games for many years. In Ken’s time with us he states he enjoys the many different products and underwriting companies we offer here at Capper’s Insurance; being a part of a team that works together to attain high sales and meet goals and striving to meet his client’s needs and giving the best customer service.

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Thomas Fisher

Agent, Garden Plain KS

Tom joined our sales force in 2014. He comes to Capper’s Insurance with a degree from Friends University and has a background with major national companies in the snack grocery business. Tom says that he appreciates the detailed training he has received at Capper’s, the friendly rural clients and knowing his success is based on his own efforts. He said he enjoys building relationships with each of his clients.

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